Monday, October 22, 2012

come soon.

if you're anything like me, you look forward to a lot of things.
things like these, for instance:

christmas morning

vacationing somewhere fabulous

your morning cup of coffee

or my reality right now - waiting for the birth of our baby boy. [hopefully by the time you read this, he'll have made his debut!]

[these are from our 20 week ultrasound]
today i was walking the dog and thinking "okay contractions, anytime now, come soon baby boy,"  and i almost stopped dead in my tracks.

something i read about corrie ten boom popped into my head. apparently she used to say "Jesus, come soon" a lot. "Jesus, come soon."

and it made me stop and wonder - what do i long for more? do i long for the birth of my son more than the return of Christ?

have i really gotten so caught up in this world, that i don't remember that in the next one life will be how it was meant to be?

how often do i live my life in light of eternity?
truthfully? not often.

so, since i'm guessing that many of you are holier than me - how are you purposeful about living life in light of eternity? do you pray for Jesus to come soon?

i'd love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. Katie - I love your post. It makes me wonder what Mary must have felt like when she was carrying Jesus. This reminds me of the scripture that tells us that Christ is in us, the "hope of glory." We can look forward to seeing Him because He is alive in our hearts. Barbara