Monday, February 25, 2013


life has become more of a balancing act in the past few months, thanks to our little guy. we're slowly figuring out the new normal of life with a baby.

of course, as soon as we think we've figured something out, it changes.

keane is growing like a weed. i knew it would happen, but it still surprises me. it still surprises me how fast he's changing. the thing is, if he weren't growing it would be a bad thing - it would scare us, and we would think something was wrong. he's supposed to grow and change at a ridiculously fast rate.

his constant growing got me thinking about the rest of us. we're all constantly changing - it's just less obvious once we get older. but the point remains the same. we were not made to be stagnant. and we are not stagnant - we are living, breathing, changing organisms. we are creations of the highest maker.

but it also made me wonder, have i let my relationship with God become stagnant? have i let something that is supposed to be constantly changing, and constantly replenished stagnate and start to stink?

peter and i went to maui on our honeymoon. while we were there we heard about lava tube pools that you could swim in. but one of them had no water source and was completely stagnant. it smelled horrible. it was crusted over with gunk, and no one went near it. it wasn't being replenished. it had just...stopped.

but the other one. the other one had water replenishing it. and that is what everyone wanted to see. it was clear and gorgeous, and one of the coolest places i've ever gone for a swim.

we all have times when we feel stagnant. or at least, i assume we all do - maybe it's just me...

what do you do when you start to feel stagnant? how do you encourage growth in your life when you feel like you're getting gunky and starting to stink?

[and if it is just me who feels that way, maybe just pretend it's not and make something up to help me out, ok? *wink*]


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  1. Love this post! The stagnant pool analogy is great!
    Thanks for the reminder to be sure there's always a fresh flow of living water to my soul! Sharla