Monday, March 24, 2014

at a loss

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okay, i'll be straight with you. i'm kind of at a loss this week. i don't know what to say.

sure, i have a lot of ideas in my head, but none of them have come together to make any meaningful sense. and every time i start to write something about faith right now, i make God sound cliché, and the God of the universe is anything but cliché. the people of this world who try to describe him often make him sound that way - i have no doubt that i have done so on more than one occasion. we use our old standbys when we don't have anything else to say, even though the standbys sound hollow.

living the christian life is tough. well - attempting to live the christian life is tough. let's be honest, none of us do it super well, and no one does it perfectly. but God does not weary of us. and how great is that?

no matter where we are, or what we've done, what our past looks like, how we behaved 5 years ago, or 5 seconds ago, he will receive us with open arms because Christ finished the work a long time ago.

you may be like me today. maybe you're a bit at a loss. maybe you don't know why something happened, or is happening, or what is going to happen. maybe you feel alone or too far gone.

maybe you, like me, just need a reminder that the God of the universe created you, and loves you, and has a purpose for you. when you're at a loss it doesn't always feel like God sees you, even in the moment. but for all the times i've been at a loss - and there have been plenty - i can always look back and see him at work, somehow, some way.

he always finds us.

sometimes we have to come to the end of ourselves to realize who he really is, but nonetheless, he finds us. and he does not grow weary of us.

much love to you.

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