Tuesday, January 8, 2013

...not much...just honest...

First, an apology: this is not going to be your typical 'happiness & light' post (which seems weird after my last blog was 'Snow Sharks').  In trying to come up with an interesting, creative and inspiring idea, I am at a loss, because I am just not in 'that place' right now.

We all know that life is about ups and downs.  It seems that we most often want to share when life is on the up -- or at lease we pretend that our life is 'up.'  This week however, my life is more down than up.  The frustrating thing is that there are no major issues -- just irritating minutiae.  Major life struggle we understand and support -- minutiae is just that.  It's the 'blah-yuk place' days that are hard to navigate.  I'm not sure the cause of my yuk day; which is even more troublesome, because now I feel ungrateful for all the blessings I have been given.

What I do know is that this is just a yuk day.  What I also know is that God promises to work in all things.  I recently told a friend "I hope your days are better than the hours and your weeks are better than the days."  There is no 'magic prayer' that eliminates the 'blah-yuks' -- but prayer does remind of us who God is:  the love he poured out for us, the death he suffered for our eternal life and the victory that is ours if we will embrace it.

So, as I go through the rest of my day I plan to embrace God through prayer and praise and see what He has for me -- who knows, maybe I'll even find a Snow Shark?!?  Cynthia M.

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