Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Ungrateful List

Every November I post on Facebook various things I am thankful for. Big things and small things. I have a lot to be thankful for. I enjoy praising God publicly for His blessings. I also like reading similar lists written by my friends.

But lately I have been thinking about a few things I am NOT grateful for. Maybe I should be, but I don't think so. Kinda like deciding what you will not do so that you can prioritize what to do, this list describes some things I don't consider blessings.

First, SARCASM. Many people use it in a way that is mean or belittling. Or they use it to make themselves look smart, which doesn't work. Either way, it's often used at the expense of someone else's feelings or dignity. I cannot stand sarcasm. (On the other hand, I love witty, fun people who are not afraid to make fun of themselves.)

Second, FEMINISTS from the 1960s and 70s – or, more specifically, their agenda. They generally seem like a hostile, angry group of women. And I think they'd scoff at my lifestyle: striving for a Christ-centered, Biblical marriage with my husband and sacrificing a career so that I can remain at home with our children. So, no, I am not thankful for those who burnt bras or demanded equality, which completely disagrees with Christ's example in Philippians 2. (On the other hand, I thank God for the earlier feminists who worked toward the right to vote. I vote regularly and I am glad I can.)

Third, MPAA MOVIE RATINGS. Whether or not something is rated G, PG, PG-13, R or beyond is not a very helpful tool in discerning if a movie has a redeeming theme, strong characters, or a story that moves you. The MPAA ratings are a bare minimum guideline; I think many believers rely on them too much. And why would you rely on a ratings system established by an organization you know almost nothing about, including whether or not it shares your values? (On the other hand, I love Plugged In, a movie review site from Focus on the Family. There I find detailed descriptions of movies, music, and television shows. The reviews tell me about spiritual, violent, alcohol/drug and sexual content, plus whether a movie is of good quality. I feel much more informed after checking out movies on Plugged In, even if I disagree with the reviewer.)

Fourth, SPIDERS. They eat bugs so I guess I should be thankful for them. But, uuuuuuuggggghhhh! They are creepy, crawly, and spidery. Enough said.

- Kathryn Truden

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