Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Discipleship: Easier Said Than Done

We are called to be like Christ.  Quite daunting when you consider who Jesus was and is: caring, kind, patient, wise, long-suffering, sanguine (optimistic, positive), peaceful -- and the list goes on and one (He is God after all......).

In my efforts at discipleship, I feel overwhelmed at times when I realize how far from being like Christ I really am.  One thing that I have been trying for a while, and seems to be working, is trying to improve one thing at a time.  I set micro-goals.  I look at my own life (considering personality traits/flaws, circumstances, stage of life) and determine what one thing I can do better.  I would tell you what I'm working on now, but then I'd have to be super-accountable and I don't know if I'm to that stage of Christ-likeness yet.

So, what's the point?  That I'm a better person?  That I'm nicer to be around?  That I represent God well?  Actually, no.  It is so that God is glorified and the world is a better place.  Being like Jesus gives those around us the gift of seeing a little of Jesus each day -- co-workers, friends, family, neighbors and even strangers.  Who doesn't need more unconditional love in their day?

Your fellow disciple - Cynthia

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