Monday, August 5, 2013


Is it possible to be busy in our culture and at peace? I wonder.
So many times when I ask my friends how they are, they say, "Busy!" with a sigh of exasperation.
It saddens me.
Much of our busyness in America is our own choice, but most people don't see it that way.
Their child simply must be in three sports and they wouldn't be "good Christians" if they didn't serve on four committees. I've been there, done that.
We have forgotten a powerful, grace-filled word: NO.
One of my favorite quotes is "The enemy of the best is the good." We choose daily between good and best (or sometimes even bad). Do we spend our time on good things or BEST things? And what are the best things?
I think they are God, my husband, my children, then the rest of life. In that order.
But I sure don't always act that way.
Jesus was busy obeying His father and doing His will. So it's okay to be busy as long as we are doing what God wants us to. Christ was purposeful and peaceful. To be at peace means we are not at conflict with God, which means we submit to His will. We recognize our place in His grand story and trust that the Author will finish His work.
I want to be like that - doing what God tells me: no more, no less. Taking on His agenda and not my own (so hard!). Saying no to the many possibilities and yes to the assignments God has clearly given me.
What are you saying no to this week? How are you choosing what's on the fall calendar?
Be busy, yes, but be at peace.
- Kathryn

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