Monday, August 26, 2013

this fall.

i am so ready for fall. so ready. growing up in pittsburgh means that i am used to fall actually being here by the time the calendar says "autumnal equinox," so i still get antsy for it every time the calendar turns to september [or in this case, is anywhere close to it!].

yes, i adore fall.

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i mean, what's not to love?

what does this have to do with anything? you ask. valid question. 
stay with me.

have you ever thought about God's grace in relation to the seasons? we could live in a world where the weather never changed at all. where every day monotonously followed the one before. where the word "season" simply denoted the changes in life, if it existed at all.

but God blessed us with changes of season. every day does not look the same. and if you are anything like me, that is a good thing. 

but not only that. not only did God give us changes in the seasons, he made them all beautiful and wonderful. he gave us constant reminders of birth, and growth, and death, and rebirth.

he didn't have to give us trees, but he did. he didn't have to give us a variety of trees, but he did. he didn't have to cause the leaves on those trees to turn brilliant colors as they age and die, but he did.

to me, fall is a reminder of so many things that we are blessed with, but don't deserve. it's easy to wish things were different - to wish things were better, or more than they are - but take a look at the many things we have that we don't have to have. the things we take for granted as just being a part of life.

God's abundant grace overflows daily, even in something as simple as the changing of the seasons.

so as you send your kids off to school, cozy up under a blanket, sit next to a bonfire, or simply notice the changing colors of the leaves, remember how much God loves you. remember that he created it all, and he made it good and beautiful. and remember that no matter what season of life you are in right now, his mercies are new every morning.

happy fall to you!



  1. Katie,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your blog! Those photos looked very inviting. ; ) Fall to me is like a "fresh start" to things.
    Did you notice what you said about the leaves turning brilliant colors as they age? I love the analogy - that as we grow older physically, spiritually God is making us more beautiful if we are seeking Him. Which makes us look beautiful on the outside!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Jennifer! I completely agree about the fresh start - there's a quote in the great gatsby that says "life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall" - and that's entirely how I feel. It's a reminder that we get second chances. And I did notice the metaphor for the leaves, I'm glad you did too! :o)