Tuesday, December 3, 2013

All Wrapped Up in Christmas

If you are anything like me, all too often I get wrapped up in the details of Christmas and forget the big picture.  This is true for most of us.  On the radio the other day, I heard the DJs talking about 'Holiday Card Etiquette.'  It was a funny conversation about obligations to send cards, receiving cards, demographics (evidently single and old people aren't required to send cards), etc.  It's funny that everyone has their own set of 'rules' for many of the traditions of Christmas.

Because of our 'rules,' it's interesting what expectations we place on people, events, charities, church and Christmas Day itself.  Do you ever find yourself disappointed because someone left you off 'the list,' or frustrated at all the events you have to attend, or disillusioned because a charity wasn't that charitable, or irritated at the way the church did the Christmas Eve service, or aggravated at family and friends because Christmas Day wasn't what you planned?  I think in some large or small way, I have been guilty of each of these expectations.

However, I believe that God would want us to remember that the greatest expectation came to fruition when Jesus came as the Messiah of all mankind.  We know that the Magi brought gifts to Christ but He also brought gifts to the world: love, grace, mercy, peace, hope and joy.  This season I am going to attempt to unwrap my Christmas expectations.  Instead I am going to try make most of the things on my to-do list giving the gifts Jesus gave: love, grace mercy, peace, hope and joy.   


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