Monday, December 23, 2013

Last one for Kathryn

This is my last Vine Life blog post.

I need to say "no" to some good things - like this blog - to say "yes" to the best things.

I need to focus on strengthening my relationship with Tom, my husband. Twenty years into our marriage, I am still learning how to love. I am thankful for Tom's integrity and determination, Biblical marriage counseling, and God's promise to complete His work in us. I want to do my part in protecting and building our marriage.

I have heard the pastors of StoneBridge mention several times recently that some marriages in our church are really suffering. I have been praying a lot about that. Now I need to do something to strengthen my own marriage. Ladies, I would encourage you to do the same. Pray for the marriages of our church! Pray for your own marriage (if you are married). And obey God in whatever He tells you as you pray.

For me and Tom, there's no crisis. We're just a mess and always have been. A long time ago someone told us that Tom and I share a conscientiousness and an eternal perspective that have held us together. Praise God. I'd just like more of the glue holding us together to be fun memories, holding hands, walking the dog together, and serving in the Kingdom side by side.

So it's time for more of that. And it will happen according to His grace.

- Kathryn Truden

P.S. I have really enjoyed contributing to this blog! I hope you all will continue to read the musings of your sisters in Christ. They encourage me so much.

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