Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Jesus Loves Me This I Know....

This is song we hear as children, teach to our kids and is a sentiment close to our hearts.  Yet, have you ever stopped to think about it?  I mean, really stop and think deeply about what it means to know the love of Jesus.  Not the Jesus loves me "when I study the Bible," not Jesus loves me "if I am doing my best, " not Jesus loves me "if I am living a moral life with Christian values."  Jesus loves me.  This is true regardless of what I am doing or not doing, saying or not saying, being or not being.

What does it feel like to know that Jesus loves me?  I often have a hard time turning my head knowledge into understanding and feeling in my heart.  I know a lot about Jesus and believe that He loves me, yet so many times I don't feel loved.  I think that is because I don't take the next step -- thinking about Jesus loving me.

When I stop and think of those who have loved me best -- my husband, my mom, my sister, my best friends, my kids -- my heart is filled.  So I tried something:  I imagined the best love that I have experienced by each of the people in my life.  Then I combined all that love into one big mass.  Next I took the mass of love and wrapped it in a snuggly-soft blankety-type material.

Then I realized that regardless of how well I have been loved on earth, Jesus is the best expression of love there is.  Because Jesus invented love (agape=unconditional love / eros=romantic love / philia=brotherly love / storage=parental love) he is the culmination of all the love I have known.  So now when I think "Jesus loves me this I know," I feel the snuggly-soft blankety-type nugget of all the loves that are from Jesus -- and what I know I also feel -- it warms my heart and fills my soul.

May you know Jesus loves you best this day and always - Cynthia

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