Tuesday, May 13, 2014

remind my soul

{via the entertaining house}

things have been a bit crazy around these parts. crazier than normal for me. i feel like spring is pretty crazy for everyone, honestly. kids start to get antsy to finish school and have their summer, and everything starts buzzing in anticipation.

for us, this spring means buying a house, and attempting to sell our house. and that means lots and lots of projects. it means an increasingly large pregnant belly, and a toddler developing more and more of his personality. it means playoffs for the soccer team i'm coaching. it means there is always something going on from day to day. always.

it means there is usually more on my list than i have the time to do.

and that means that i need constant reminders. not just a reminder posted on the fridge kind of reminder, but a reminder for my soul. my soul needs to be reminded daily, not just of who i am, but of whose i am.

yes, i have things to cross off of my list, but those are not the most important things in life. i need to be reminded that i am the daughter of the king, and i am not the protagonist in this story.

my body, and my mind, and even my heart get tired. so i need a reminder for my soul. remind my soul of the goodness, and the love of a God who gave himself up for me.

remind my soul.


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