Monday, July 7, 2014

Shouldn't Good Count For Something?!

Last week I was out running errands with Abby, our 12 year old daughter, and we pulled up to the Dairy Queen for a treat.  And right behind me was a policeman, lights flashing, he even blocked me so I couldn't make a run for it!  I wanted to laugh out loud... a middle aged mom, with her daughter in the front seat, driving a Terrain...  yep, a real threat!
I knew for sure I hadn't been speeding (I saw him when I passed him and double checked my speed)...  The light was green when I turned, what on earth was the problem?  And EVERYONE was staring!!  A little girl even stood eating her ice cream riveted through the whole thing!  Turns out my tag was expired and somehow, when we bought our car last year, it never transferred properly in the system, so we never got a notice about renewing the tag.
I was so frustrated...  I am a good driver...  nothing on my record...  careful, no accidents...  I go to church...  I volunteer...  I... I... I...  shouldn't good behavior count for something?  But when I go before the judge in September (yep, have to go to court), all my good deeds and good behaviors won't matter...  it won't even matter that the DMV messed up...  I was in violation of the law.  I think my best plan will be to just own it with the judge and pay the fine.
But as I considered all that, it occurred to me, someday in the future, I will have to stand before THE Judge, and on that day, none of my good deeds or good behavior will matter either...  I would be guilty as charged...  BUT God, rich in mercy, while I was still a sinner, gave His Son for me...  And because of what HIS Son Jesus did, He will pour out His mercy on me and I will owe NOTHING for my sins, because they've all been paid for!
The fine that I will have to pay when I go to court will be small compared to what God demands as payment for our sins and I am so thankful that my Savior declared that my debt has been paid in full!  


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