Monday, September 30, 2013

My favorite author

Our desire as Vine Life blog writers is to encourage you in your relationship with Jesus Christ. I was thinking about who and what help me grow spiritually. One author stands out: Elisabeth Elliot.

What C.S. Lewis is to Pastor Doug Falls, Elisabeth Elliot is to me. The one writer whose words draw me to the Throne of Grace again and again. I have read many of her books. I hope her words have saturated my soul because they are all about our King. He is worthy to be praised, obeyed, and trusted completely.

These are some of my favorite books:

Passion and Purity - About her relationship with Jim Elliot before they married. I read this while dating my husband, Tom, and it was exactly what I needed to hear about staying focused on Christ when my heart was spinning wildly.

The Shaping of a Christian Family - About growing up in a godly home. I did not, and reading about her parents and siblings showed me what a Christian home could be.

The Path of Loneliness - Widowed twice, she has learned much through loneliness.

Through Gates of Splendor - About the life and death of five men, including Jim, who gave their lives while witnessing to the Auca Indians of Ecuador. I recently read this again and was struck by how Elisabeth accepted God's plan despite great loss because she trusted His love and authority.

Let me encourage you to read one of these books soon!

- Kathryn

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