Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Coincidence?? I think not....

Spoiler alert! -- Yes it's a blog about Easter and Spring.  It's a shocker I know.

I love how Easter falls during the Spring season when all things are 'made new.'  We can look around and see the dormant reviving, seeds sprouting and the emergence of life (even if some of the 'emergence' are the bugs that appear in the Spring).  Springtime is a daily visual reminder of the work that God did to renew our lives and give us eternal life.  Yet, unlike Christmas which was a holiday put on the calendar, Easter is a holiday tied to a historical reality.

Easter is linked to the Jewish Passover, since is was the Passover that Jesus celebrated with his disciples prior to his crucifixion.  Easter is not a set date because Passover is not a set date.  Passover is determined by the Jewish calendar which is based on the lunar cycle.  Passover and Easter usually coincide (although there is an exception because of leap year).  Because Passover always occurs in the Spring, Easter also occurs in the Spring -- and that was God's plan to remind us of His work.

One of my kid's favorite TV shows when they were little was Blues Clues.  It was a story about a dog that would find clues that would lead to a message.  Because of that show they would look around for 'clues' which were usually just objects out of context or random trash but they would enjoy finding things or seeing 'clues.'

I love how God loves us so well by giving us hints and clues in our daily lives to see Him.  Just as Easter and Springtime are concurrent to remind us of God's ultimate work, I believe God sends us reminders of His work in our daily lives.  Sometimes it might be a 'coincidental' call or email, perhaps it is an unexpected kindness, maybe it's a thing of beauty in an unusual place or possibly just a cool breeze on a hot day -- just like my kids looking for 'clues'  we must be present, we must be aware and our eyes must be open to seeing God.

May you see a 'clue' of God's love today - Cynthia

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