Monday, April 14, 2014

not as it should be.

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here's the thing about this week: it reminds us that we are great sinners, and it reminds us that we have an even greater savior.

this world is not how it should be. that doesn't mean that wonderful things do not exist within it, and it certainly doesn't mean we shouldn't be grateful for what we've received from a gracious God. but it is a reminder that we are broken. we are reminded that christ alone can make us new, because christ alone could go to the cross for us. christ alone could conquer death and sin for us.

this world is not how it should be. we as people do not live in perfect union with our creator. plain and simple. but the above sentiment is just as plain and simple: you are not the mistakes you have made. our God is big enough to redeem them. every. last. one. of. them. no matter who you are, and no matter what you've done.

it's easy to think that people are too far gone for God. it's almost automatic in a way. it's not that we think that about everyone, but we do think it for some people. for certain people. "that's just the way s/he is," "s/he'll never change; i should have known better." but the thing is, miracles happen every day. and our God is a God of miracles. there is never anyone too far gone for God.

this week is about sacrifice - the greatest sacrifice ever made - and the opportunity for redemption. at some point we were all too far gone, but God didn't leave us there. he came and found me in my too far gone place, and he brought me to himself.

no, this world is not as it should be, but take heart - we serve a God who has overcome the world. we serve the great redeemer.

happy easter!

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